Best gift ideas for 10 to 12-year old boys

Finding that perfect gift for a 10-12-year old boy can be a very laborious task. For a boy in his pre-teens you obviously want to buy him something that will keep him engaged but also challenge his mind and ideas. You want your gift to grow up to this creative, imaginative and mature man. Lucky for you has come out with an entire range of gift products dedicated to 10-12-year old boys.

All the gift products are from’s exclusive range and are only made from the finest quality material available. Our team has personally tested all the products for being safe, good quality and also creative and unique. We bring to you our collection of personalized gifts products that will surely meet the needs and attention of all kids despite their uniqueness and different personalities.

Find below best gift ideas for 10 to 12-year old boys


Jigsaw puzzles are fun, playful and at the same time they challenge the person to be more creative and imaginative. They teach us patience and how sweet its reward is when you actually, finish the puzzle. To add a nice and unique twist to that we have come up with personalized jigsaw puzzles. You can have any photograph, painting or a quote printed as the puzzle. This personalization makes the gift more personal and interesting for the boy. Our range of personalized puzzles is one of the best gift ideas for a 10-14-year old boy. It will challenge his imagination, make him more creative and also engage and entertain the child.

Photo Frames

Personalized photo frame is also a great gift option for a 10-14-year old boy. You can get a photograph of the two of you sharing a moment printed on the photograph. This gift item will let the child know how much you love and cherish him. This will make the boy realize the importance of living in the moment and cherishing the good ones already passed. He will also start looking forward to making new memories in the future.

Since, a photo frame is a great home decor item; it will also motivate the creative genius in the boy to place it where he wants in his room.

Mini Canvas

One of the best things about a child is that he is innovative, creative and not afraid to try his ideas and say them out loud. That is why to inspire the artist in him and show him how your creativity can make you unique we give you our mini canvases.

You can get the canvas personalized with a picture or a painting. This creative way of using something that is normally used for something else will help the boy to think out of the box.


Pre-teen kids love cute and snugly things. They can play with things like that and keep themselves entertained. That is why brings to you our range of the softest pillows and cushions ever. They come in various different shapes and sized and can all be personalized with a photo or a message or any emoticon. This customization makes them special to the boy and personal.

So, go ahead and get the perfect gift for that 10-14-year old boy you love so much and see his face light up with Apart from Best gift ideas for 10 to 12-year old boys, Also find here gifts for girl friends India and other gifts collections.

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